Moon and Star Cheese Fondue
From Nick Jr.
4 servings

For Dipping, Try:

In the Kitchen

1. Combine flour and cheese in a re-sealable plastic bag and shake.

2. Cut out 5 to 10 moon and star shapes from the cheese slices with 1-inch garnish cutters. Place in a 1-quart re-sealable plastic bag, and chill.

3. Prepare your fruit slices, veggies, etc. and store them in plastic bags. If you cut up fresh vegetables ahead of time, add a dampened paper towel to each bag and store in the refrigerator. (The damp towel can also help with BBQ cleanups.)

On the Grill

1. Place soup on grill and stir to blend. When warm, add the cheese-flour combo and stir until completely melted. For more spice, add taco seasoning. Keep warm over low coals.

2. Skewer a fruit slice or veggie and dip it into the warm fondue. Cool slightly before eating it off the stick or in a bowl.

3. Sprinkle the cheese moons and stars on top of the warm fondue throughout the meal and watch them disappear, or capture them with a skewer.