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Rachel Joel
Chandler, AZ
 Hot Springs

Baker Hot Springs
Delta, UT (39.61291N -112.72923W)

Baker hot springs provides three tubs for soaking. Each is just big enough to accommodate two people. Two sources of water fill the tubs. One ditch carries the hot water while another carries the cold water. You have complete control over the temperature. Baker is very popular for the nearby town folks, so skinny dippers beware. 

When needed locals drain and clean the tubs, this is no small chore, as they scrub the walls with a brush and bleach. They also had several trash bags full of trash that someone left behind. Please respect the efforts put forth by these locals, if it were not for them these tubs would not be as inviting as they are. Please clean up your trash and do your part in keeping these springs enjoyable for all.

Directions: From SLC go south on I-15 to the 2nd Nephi exit and go west on highway 132 over to highway 6. From Highway 6 turn west on Brush Wellman Road (Highway 174 This is the road that goes past the Intermountain Power Project. It is around highway mile marker 99) and go for 18 miles. Turn at the first right after the 18 miles and drive for 7 miles on this dirt road. Turn right and drive east 2 tenths of a mile and park.

The tubs are 30 feet from the road. The clay road is passable only in dry weather or when the ground is frozen. There are three cement tubs 4ft X 8ft X 3ft to soak in. The hot water is 135 degrees and is cooled down by a cool springs. Do not walk east of the main stream that feeds the hot tubs because you can break through the thin crust into 180 degree water. Please leave the cold water running into the tubs and adjust the hot water.