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Rachel Joel
Chandler, AZ
 Hot Springs

Meadow Hot Springs
Meadow, UT (38.85011N -112.49043W)

Located just 4 miles south of Fillmore, Utah is the quiet little town of Meadow. Since most of us have traveled south on I-15 and stopped to fill up at least once in Fillmore, it was amazing to find this natural treasure unoccupied. Meadow Hot Spring is located just west of the town of Meadow, in an open field. The spring is located on private property, but the land owner has continued to make it accessible to the public. The property has been improved with fences and a nicely graded walking path that connects three different pools. The property owners have posted several signs at the main gate so please respect their wishes and obey the posted rules, this will ensure that this beautiful natural resource will remain open to the public.

The first pool is crystal clear with a temperature of about 100 degrees. This pool is also very deep with limited edges to sit and soak. An adult can stand about chest deep around most of the perimeter, and someone has strung a rope with a large PVC pipe on it across the center which provides a cozy spot to sit. This pool remains crystal clear due to the fact that the water runs off at a fairly quick rate, and down a small stream. The stream also shows signs of improvement with a pea gravel base and large solid rocks running the edge to create a shallow wadding stream for the kids to play in safety.

From the parking area you will see two gravel trails, one heading south and the other heading west. The trail that heads directly south takes you to the pool described above. The trail heading west takes you to two other pools. These two pools are not as warm as the first one, so they may be more to your liking on a hot summer afternoon, then in the dead of winter. On the western trail the first pool you will come across is clear like the main pool, however not as deep. This pool has a wooden dock constructed along one edge that hangs over the deeper end of the pool. It appears that this dock was intended to be used for jumping into the pool, however be cautious the pool does not appear very deep. To get to the third pool continue to head south on the western trail. On our visit this pool was very murky with film on top, however you could tell that it was very deep with no edges for sitting.

If your interested in a nice soak I recommend the first pool. The water temperature was bath tub warm, crystal clear, and the area was clean, well that was after I filled a small garbage bag full of beer cans. This brings me to my next point, please clean up after yourselves and others who trash this area. Remember the land owner is keeping this open to the Public but he could close it at anytime.

Directions: Take exit 158 from I-15. Turn under the freeway and go for 1.6 miles. Turn right on the dirt road that goes over the freeway and head west for 5 miles. Park on the left and take the trail southeast for 200 yards. 

The hot springs is a volcanic hot pot and the water is crystal clear. This hot springs is on private land and at times is posted no trespassing.