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Rachel Joel
Chandler, AZ
 Hot Springs

Diamond Fork/Fifth Water Hot Springs
Spanish Fork, UT (40.11750N -111.33742W)
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Fifth water is located up Diamond Fork canyon. The trail head begins at the Three Forks parking area. The hike to the springs is approx 2.5 miles and the climb has a moderate elevation gain. You can expect to spend at least one hour on the trail each way depending on your hiking speed, but don't worry it's well worth it. There are several soaking pools that range in temperature.

The pools overflow into a small stream that runs beside them, so it is very warm too. You could just find yourself a nice cozy spot and relax there, if the pools are to crowded for your liking, or you want to go for that jetted feel. Every little pool of water provides a soaking opportunity. If you plan to visit Fifth Water carry plenty of water especially if you have kids that will be soaking in the pools, they get dehydrated very fast. This area is also famous for Rattlesnakes on or by the trail. Keep your kids and dogs close to you at all times in the warmer months. Fifth Water hot springs is well worth the visit, I don't know of to many places that you can soak in a natural hot tub and at the same time be surrounded by beautiful scenery. When you approach these springs PLEASE BEWARE OF NUDE BATHERS! 

Directions: Front Door: Take the Highway 6 exit from I-15. It is exit 261 coming from the North or exit 260 coming from the south. Head east for about 10 miles and turn left up Diamond Fork for 10 miles to the Three Forks sign. 

From the parking lot cross the foot bridge and continue on in the same direction on the left side of the river. It is a 2 plus mile hike. When the trail forks take the right trail down towards the waterfall. It takes about 1 hour to hike. 

Back Door: From the I-15 exit head east for 21.7 miles and turn up Sheep Creek Road for 14.3 miles to 5th Water turnoff (the sign at this turnoff says 6th Water 4 miles and 3 Forks 5 miles.) Drive the dirt road .2 miles to the gate in the fence (please close the gate behind you) and drive .8 miles to the trailhead parking area. Hike down the trail about 1/2 hour to 5th Water. Sheep Creek road is not plowed in the winter.